Our clients have businesses that
are looking to build on the success
they already have
, and Adaptra uses
digital marketing to support core
business strategies:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Funnel Efficiency
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Brand Awareness
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Adaptra Advantage

Proven business results supporting companies across North America and around
the globe as they scale into industry-dominating businesses.


A business website should serve the public to help solve their problems and convince them to become a customer.


Search Engine Optimization

When the public searches online for ‘businesses like yours’ it should be your #1 priority to be visible and dominant in your industry.

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Advertising

For every dollar your business spends in digital advertising, how much of that is being tracked and held accountable?

Digital Advertising

Conversion Rate Optimization

An important part of business is increasing efficiencies that focus on decreasing costs, increasing sales, and maximizing profits.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Adaptra – your digital
marketing agency

Many growing companies reach a point where they begin to look for outside help to assist in their marketing needs to alleviate stress. As a business grows, so to does the complexity of that business.

Prior to working with Adaptra, many of our clients mentioned they had been moving from one agency or contractor to the next every 1 to 3 years and hoped that we would be the solution they were looking for. They wanted a qual ity, long-term business relationship and needed someone they could trust to get the job done.

Running a business is ultimately about freedom. Adaptra shows business owners and their teams how to achieve this freedom and alleviate their stress when it comes to their digital marketing. No matter how small or big a business is, our goal is to produce results for our clients and ensure that they are free to do what they do best grow their business and generate profits. When a company works with Adaptra, they are free to focus on the market-facing ac tivities necessary to grow their business while we do what we do best produce results.

The average client can expect…

More Leads

  • Website conversion rates increase by 50%
  • Leads generated from campaigns increase by 25-50%

More Sales

  • Higher quality leads = higher closing rates
  • Better engagement tools = more customers

More Profits

  • Increased marketing spend efficiencies of 15-25%
  • An R.O.I. of at least 150%

How it Works

  • Deep understanding
  • Data-driven approach
  • Target the right consumers
  • Influence their decisions
  • Make your phone ring

Adaptra focuses on the four key components that every business must get right in regards to digital marketing: their website, search engine ranking, digital advertising, and conversion rate. By creating strategies that bring all of these essential elements together, our agency has been able to produce significant results for our clients.


  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Easy to Convert


  • Are you present?
  • Are you relevant?
  • Are you generating traffic?

Digital Ads

  • Which type works best?
  • Budget vs Return
  • Efficiency via A.I. Software

Conversion Rate

  • Web Traffic vs. Total Leads
  • Heat maps and visitor recording
  • A/B Split Tests

Get Started on the Adaptra Advantage

Marketing can be complex, and it is hard to know what is working and generating new business. Adaptra shares our secret weapons with you to track your marketing activity and help you understand which programs are growing your business. Moreover, how your business appears online is just as important as how it looks in person. We will make sure you make a lasting impression, tell your story across the web, engage customers with compelling content, and build your brand online.

You can drive customers to your website and business from a myriad of paid and unpaid marketing channels. It is difficult to track what’s actually working. The Adaptra Business Center is your secret weapon to help you finally know which marketing is getting you new customers. Plus, it helps you turn more leads into customers with automated reminders and emails, giving you the edge on the competition.

Adaptra develops a deep understanding of your business and applies a data-driven approach to paid search, social advertising, mobile marketing, and display advertising to target the right consumers, influence their decisions, and make your phone ring.


Most people using the internet are using search engines like Google to inquire about the services and products they may be interested in. Additionally, a big portion of their time is being spent researching which local businesses they should buy from.
Key questions we ask our clients:

-Is your business getting any visibility?
-Are you an option when consumers are doing their research?

Adaptra uses a plethora of techniques to optimize our client’s online brand and website in order for them to get in front of all those people searching for a business like theirs.

Request a free audit to find out where you business can do better.

Digital Advertising

Our advertising team has experience handling over 14,000 ad campaigns across North America. As your partner, you can trust our agency and dedicated account managers to deliver results. Our team will be able to help you discover and explore all options available to your business to get in front of your target market in the most cost efficient way. We work with your team to fully understand your goals and measurable KPIs and craft a strategy to help you reach those sales goals.

Request a free audit to find out where you business can do better.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO supports your website’s performance by improving the ratio of site visitors converted into actual customers. Which ultimately increases sales, click-through rates and other undefined goals without having to increase the amount of traffic coming to your website.

What this means is that when Adaptra engages in CRO projects with our clients, we are able to provide more ROI for them without increasing their Digital Ad spend or investing in further SEO efforts.

Request a free audit to find out where you business can do better.


Adaptra’s creative team only works on custom website design projects. Our objective is to provide quality design work that keeps your brand and target market in mind, while also focusing on functionality for your customers. If it is not “easy to use” and “easy to navigate,” than it is not easy to do business with you online.

What our clients like about working with us:

Websites designed around what the customer wants
The client owns the website and digital assets created
Knowing their website will convert traffic into leads (instead of being a nice piece of art)

Request a free audit to find out where you business can do better.

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